The kind of Wood Furniture you buy, the life of earth you decide.

地球只有一個, 環保家具可以延續地球生命力!!


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Becool Modular Furniture system makes wood furniture a longest life through its ADDIBLE, CHANGEABLE, REUSABLE and RECYCLABLE concept. From now on, you can design your own life, and at the same time join us to protect our own earth.   

    旭利興公司,是環保DIY組合家具專業製造廠,讓您省去一般木質家具需鎖螺絲的麻煩,首創[一次到位不可逆轉][可重複使用具家具生命力]之革命性結構,全家人都能享受真正DIY家具的組裝樂趣;拆組容易變化萬千,是家具中的魔術師;堅固耐用無噪音無汙染施工,是設計裝潢的不二首選;產品保固回收服務......最酷的您當然選擇Becool DIDY 家具!!


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